4 habits deadly to your personal brand


Everyone has their own personal brand these days. Personal brand is synonymous with your own reputation. There are many ways you can strengthen your personal brand. However, what took so long to build can be destroyed in a matter of second with a few habits of yours. So read up on 4 habits deadly to your personal brand!

Don’t put off what you have to do today to tomorrow. Your brand is not going to create yourself. You already know what your niche is and you already have a plan. All you need now is to put your plan in action. Remember, you are in charge of your own personal brand. If you don’t build it up, who will?

You need to define your brand. Your brand also has to be consistent. For example, McDonalds taste the same in every country. That is consistency. Consumers would expect that your brand is consistent every where. If it is different, your personal brand will drop and it will hurt the image that you are trying to put forth with your own personal brand.

Bad time management
You need to know how to manage your time properly. If you cannot keep track of your own work and time, why would clients trust you with their money? Part and parcel of your own personal branding is to deliver the goods on time and in a consistent manner! There is no point having really good products but at the same time being unreliable. Clients take reliability into account when choosing your brand.

Being stuck in a rut.
You need to constantly keep on moving. Your ideas need to be fresh. If you just stick to the same old concept all the time, someone is bound to take your idea and an extra zing to it. So keep those fresh ideas coming. You don’t want your personal brand to stay on a plateau phase all the time! You want it to keep growing and growing!

Most importantly, what you can take home from this article is, you are in charge of your own personal brand. If you don’t work on it, nobody will!

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