4 Key Confidence Boosting Job Interview Strategies


So you’ve got the big job interview next week, and the butterflies in your stomach simply won’t go away. With nine other candidates vying for the same job, you can help but thinking that you won’t get hired.
Stop right there.
That kind of negative thinking will NOT get you anywhere. To ace any job interview, you need to display confidence to your prospective employer.
And here are 4 ways you can do just that.
Know the company
This should really go without saying, and yet, so few people actually take the effort to study their prospective employers. Before you even step into the office, you should have researched the company’s name, what type of work they do, how long they have been in business, what kind of clients they have and anything else noteworthy about the company.
If and when you can share this knowledge with your interviewer, he or she will appreciate the effort you took to find the information out and perhaps even feel like you are already part of the company. A BIG plus!
Rehearse your answers
Most interviewers tend to ask similar questions, such as “Why do you feel this job is right for you?” or “Why do you wish to leave your current job?” or “What is your current job description?”
If you can make a list of prospective questions, and have the answers all ready in your head when you sit down for the interview, you will be able to provide responses right off the bat, without any unprofessional ‘umm’s and ‘err’s slipping in. And knowing what you are going to say will definitely help those butterflies go to rest.
Dress appropriately
One of the first things your interviewer is going to look at is your dressing, so you need to make a good impression. If you look shabby, with your shirttails sticking out or your tie crooked, you could have lost the job in the first few seconds!
Boost your confidence by dressing well, and (this is what I do!) the moment you reach your prospective employers office, ask for the washroom, and give yourself the once over in the mirror. If you’re happy with what you see, you’ll walk into the interviewer room brimming with confidence!
Have good body language
Do some research on proper body language so that you’ll know how to give off the right signals to your interviewer. Some of the basic techniques are sitting up straight in your chair, NOT crossing your hands over your chest (this denotes defensiveness), looking your interviewer in the eyes (shows confidence) and of course, smiling.
Always smile at the interviewer when you enter the room. Most likely, he or she will smile back too, boosting your confidence right from the start.
Follow the above preparatory techniques and you’ll walk into the interview room with your head held high and your chest bursting with confidence. Good luck to you – and I hope you ace that interview!

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