4 ways that made you a gambling addict


Compulsive gamblers have reached a point in their lives, where all that they can think about is gambling. Gambling is constantly on their mind. So what is it about gambling that is so addictive? Here are 4 ways that gambling can get you addicted.

Gambling gives you the illusion of being able to be control of chance. There is only a 50/50 chance that you may win. Gamblers believe that they have figured out the system and they are able to win the game. Chance, however is something that we never have control of. Lady Luck has no favourites. One day she may be on your side, and the next day against you.

The lure of the jackpot is another thing that gets you addicted. Everybody loves to be a winner. The lure of money is too great for certain people. Some people may win when they first started gambling. This is otherwise known as beginner’s luck or pure dumb luck. The person will then believe that gambling is an easy way to get money. They are unaware that there is a 50/50 percent chance that they will lose. The lure of the jackpot is even more so when the gambler is facing a huge mountain of debt and they believe that they need to win in the game to pay off their debt.

When gamblers first started out, they had a winning streak. This often serves as an encouragement or proof that the gamblers should gamble more because they are good at it. By winning in the first few games, instead of betting small, they start stepping out of their comfort zone and start putting on large bets. That is how they accumulate large amounts of debt.

Lastly, it is the belief that their luck will change. After a winning phase and now entering a loss phase, the addicts are holding on the hope that their lucks will change.

In conclusion, gambling may be fun if you are winning but do remember it has destroyed a lot of people’s lives. So be cautious when you are playing.

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