5 benefits of lucid dreaming


The benefits of lucid dreaming are limitless. You can take on a new life in lucid dreams, free of all fears and inhibition and you can do absolutely anything that you want. There is a high possibility you can bring this positive thinking into your waking life. The following are six benefits of lucid dreaming:
Improve your problem solving skills
Many have used it to enhance their problem solving skills in extraordinarily creative ways. For example, Elias Howe’s dream-inspired invention of the sewing machine. This is because you are not limited by your logical conscious brain. Deeper insights can be obtained directly from your subconscious mind.

Improve your creativity

Dreams have been the inspiration for many of the world’s greatest paintings, musical compositions, sculptures, stories, and even scientific discoveries for thousands of years. With the intent to dream of something inspirational and good dream recall, a lucid dreamer can put an end to creative dry spells and artistic blocks.

Face your fears
Conscious dreaming allows you to face your fears in a controlled setting. For example, try jumping out of an aeroplane if you are afraid of heights. In that dream, slow down the speed of falling and float gently to the ground. After falling from 10 000 feet, heights in the waking world will seem insignificant. This works because dealing with a worst case scenario in a positive way creates new neural patterns in your subconscious mind. Reinforcing that belief with more experiences that seem real can dissolve the fear altogether.

Improve your confidence
Conscious dreaming can be used to release your inhibition and be totally free in a realistic dream world. For example, if you want to improve your public speaking skills, rehearse the even in a lucid dream. You will then find more confidence when making that same speech in real life.

Explore alternate realities
The lucid dream world is made up of many alternate realities. Every time you “wake up” in a new dream scene, you will find strange goings on and new landscapes to explore. They are all completely tangible and life-like. Just like in the movies, you can teleport to parallel worlds, explore different timelines, visit alien planets and travel to other dimensions, as your subconscious mind sees it.

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