5 Effective Ways To Build Your List Fast


The money is in the list, as they say. This fact has been echoed by many expert marketers alike. Hence, building a profitable list fast is a prerequisite if you wish to own a successful online business. But how does one build a list fast? Today, I’ll share with you 5 effective ways to get your email list growing at lightning speed:

-Ad swaps. Say you have a list of 1000 email subscribers. What you can do is to find other people in the same niche as yourself and offer to exchange ad swap promos with each other. That way, you leverage on each other’s list to build your list even fast. When you find more and more ad swap partners, your list size will explode!

-Giveaway events. In giveaway events, many contributors get together and submit their free gifts to obtain opt-ins. The power of giveaway events is when every single contributor promotes the event, giving everyone’s subscribers access to all the free gifts and growing everyone’s list size in the process.

-Pay for traffic. Paying for traffic through online advertising is one of the fastest ways to build your list. Sure it might cost a bit but once you manage to build your list to a critical size, you can then slowly provide good content and convert your prospects into customers.

-Buy a leads. Many lead networks allow you to build qualified leads to build your list fast. Prices may range from 40 cents per lead to even 2 dollars per lead, depending on how much you buy. One of such examples is the email autoresponder service – Getresponse. Depending on your budget, you can build the amount of leads that you require.

-Buy solo ads/list. One of the fastest ways to build a list is to buy leads or solo mailings off successful marketers of the same niche. Perhaps that marketer wants to exit his business and is selling off his list, but it’s up to you to negotiate the terms and pricing of the leads. Remember, the money is also highly dependent on the quality of your list so make sure you establish a good trusting relationship with your new leads.

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