5 Instant Energy Boosters


We all have days when our energy is low. Days when we have an insanely busy day, a full schedule, or are suffering from lack of sleep and an energy slump strikes mid-afternoon. Here are some instant ways to put a spring back into our step even on the days when we feel dog-tired.
Drink more water. Dehydration causes fatigue, so keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Caffeine can jumpstart your body initially but too much, and you’ll see your energy levels plummet. Start your day with a glass of water, enjoy your daily coffee fix if you must, then switch back to water.
Stretch. Regular stretching not only keeps your muscles and tendons healthy, it also keeps the brain’s arteries unclogged. Maintaining a free flow of oxygenated blood to your most vital organ is an excellent way to increase vigor in your life.
Get a whiff of citrus. The smells of oranges, lemons and grapefruit have been shown to be energizing, so drop a slice or two into your water. You can also incorporate citrus-infused shampoos and body washes into your showers. For a quick midday refresher, get a whiff or two of citrus-scented essential oils.
Listen to music. Plug in that ipod and take a few minutes to listen to your favourite music. Put together a personalised soundtrack that you can listen to while getting ready in the morning, during the morning drive to the office or to tune out to when you need a midday recharge. Music can sharpen our mental focus and boost our moods.
Hang out with friends who cheer you. Co-workers, friends and family make the good times great and the bad times bearable. Even just chatting with the postman or the barista can help boost our energy levels and power you through to lunch.

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