6 Steps for stress reduction hypnosis


Hypnosis can be used for stress management in two ways:
Using it to get into a deeply relaxed state, without any tension. This will prevent health problems due to chronic stress
Using it to achieve various lifestyle changes that that reduce the amount of stress encountered in life. This includes overcoming any negative habits you have accumulated in your life; e.g smoking and compulsive eating.
Each session should last about 20 minutes in a quiet and calm environment. The basic steps to bring yourself into a deep state of relaxation is as follow:
Find a quiet place, without any distractions to conduct your session.
Get into a comfortable position. Some people like the reclining position, others like to sit in a cozy chair or in a cross-legged position. Experiment and see what is more suited towards you. Try not to fall asleep in those positions.
Decide on a goal for your session, of what you want to achieve from this therapy. It should be believable, desirable, used positively for a specific time and most importantly provide a visual image of the suggested outcome. For example, use positive phrases such as, “I’m becoming organized and efficient” rather than the negative statement, “I’m becoming less messy”.

Start breathing deeply, expanding your abdomen on the inhale instead of raising your shoulders. Imagine that you are breathing in ‘calmness’ and breathing out all the stress from your day. Feel the oxygen spread from your chest through your arms and legs and to your fingers and toes.

Pick an relaxing and calm environment and imagine going further and further into it. Imagine that you are walking down a long corridor, or deep into the woods, for example, leaving your current stressful surroundings far behind.
When you are completely relaxed and feeling far from your regular life, begin repeating the positive phrase you chose for this session. You may choose to visualize the words, focus on their sound in your head, or visualize the end result.

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