7 basic steps to break your gambling addiction.


Gambling is a difficult habit or addiction to break. Here are a few simple steps that you can take to your road to recovery.

Firstly, acknowledge that you have a problem. Understand why you gamble. Did you start gambling because it was fun? You have to realize that your gambling has now become a major problem and is causing a lot of distress in the lives of your loved ones.

Secondly, do not deny or minimize your problem. By minimizing your problem, you are not giving it the proper attention and care to the problem.

Thirdly, find alternatives to replace your gambling addiction. Do not take another bad habit to replace your gambling addiction. Replace with something positive. Try taking up exercises. Going for a jog everyday would be another good activity, Find positive alternatives to replace your gambling addiction.

Fourthly, make a list of your triggers. Recognize what set you off. Is it a particular time of the year, the friends that you hang out with? List it all down, and think of ways you can counter all these when faced with these situations.

Fifth, change your lifestyle. You have to make changes to your routine. Say that everyday on your drive back home, you will be driving past a casino. This would then make you want to enter the casino for a short game or two. What you could do is to change your route. When you get home, if you feel the urge to gamble, go out and take a walk. Delay your urges until it become inconvenient for you to go out gambling again.

Next, be accountable to someone. Being accountable to someone means that you are being completely honest and responsible for your actions. This person will then be able to support you and give you the positive reinforcement that you need.

Lastly, reward yourself. For everyday that you went by, without gambling, give yourself a pat on the back and a little treat. You need to be kind to yourself. If you do relapse, it’s alright, get back up and try all over again.

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