7 Great Sources of Leads For Profits


Knowing where you can get your leads for your business allows you to plan your search mission properly, giving you better results:
1. Your Social Circle
One of the easiest sources of leads is your own friends and family. Get them to know about your business and your products. Even if they are not interested, they are more likely to introduce someone who might be interested in your products to you. Obtain support from your friends and family while not sounding too pushy or too desperate.
2. Networking events and associations
Be present at your college’s or university’s alumni events and interact with other participants. Exchange name cards and explore each other’s interests. Invite them to visit your websites and keep in touch with those who might be interested in your products after the event by sending them emails. Depending on the type of business you are in, you might want to consider joining the trade associations (e.g. Association of Small Business Owners) to meet more like minded people who could also offer your leads.
3. Advertising
Putting classified ads on newspaper is a conventional source of leads but it still works! In addition, you can also advertise in email newsletters. In your advertisement, use a compelling headline, make an irresistible offer as well as a direct way to contact you.
4. Online marketing.
Having a website which contains information about your products and services can generate leads from netizens who use matching keywords. Do ride on the popularity of social network such as Facebook and Twitter. Update your website and social media frequently to show that you are excited about your products. Post up interesting news or comments to communicate with your leads.
5. Referral
Referral marketing is one of the most cost-effective and the referral-generated client also tend to be more loyal and profitable. Develop a referral system where you reward your customers with incentive or additional products with every referral.
6. Purchasing leads
During the start of your business, you can purchase leads from lead vendors. Use these to supplement the leads that you generated on your own. Make sure your buy quality leads from reputable companies.
7. Joint venture
Another quick way to obtain leads is by creating a symbiotic partnership with other internet marketers, i.e. you help them earn money while they bcome your source of leads.

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