8 simple tips for getting rid of anxiety


Anxiety happens to everyone. It could be before a performance, an important speech or presentation. It might also be in the waiting room waiting to go to see dentist for tooth extraction. You are feeling nervous, butterflies in your stomach and thoughts in a jumbled mess.
However, these are not anxiety attacks. It is just humane feelings. These are a few tips that might help you lower your anxiety level.
Take deep breaths. Sometimes when in an anxious situation, you might not be breathing properly or just taking shallow breathing. Take 30 deep-into-belly breaths, you feel that your anxiety dissipate and feel a lot calmer. This is a simple method that can help bring negative emotions such as anger or anxiety.
Be confident. Being uncertain of something causes anxiety. Having the confidence armed with knowledge will help bring certainty and portray a clear picture of the next probable situation. Research or Google before going into any important presentation or speech.
Distract yourself. If you feel that you do not have enough time to do something that takes up a lot of time, why not take a break and watch a half an hour episode of a comedy show or a funny YouTube clip. It is a break from the anxiety and can help balance your mind out. If you have more time, called up a friend and have a conversation. Being connected will energize you and having a support pillar will be a comfort. Even better, go to gym or have a night out to get it out of your system.
Have regular meals and keep yourself hydrated. It might seem not important but sometimes being in a rush for deadline will cause you to forget your meals and making you irritated, nervous or anxious. When you feel irritable or anxious, check the time. It might be just your low blood sugar and your body needs to feed. Being dehydrated also can cause migraine. So keep a water bottle by your side and take a sip regularly. It is also a good way to take a break.
Prioritize. It is important to categorize the list of things you need to do. Put the most important task at the top of the list. Make sure you finish doing it. Then as you go along doing the task, you will not be thinking about how to finish all the tasks at one go. You will know that you are finishing your tasks step by step. The feeling of being able to cross out the list does feel extremely satisfying.
Be positive. Being anxious is a negative emotion. Do not let the feeling overruled you or you might be in a deeper rut. Just think positively and let yourself immersed in work. Without you knowing, you would have one task down and you can proceed to another one.
Keep yourself grounded. Do not try to overwhelm yourself with too much things at a single time. Anxiety is a fear of the future. Try to stay grounded and keep thinking in the present. Do not imagine unnecessary things that might be proven unfounded later. Just pay attention to the presence and what can be done in that time.
Relax. it is important to be able to find ways to relax. A fine example would be practicing yoga or meditating. Pick up a few good tips that work for you and practice it whenever you feel anxious.

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