Amazing place in Delhi that you have to visit


You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to pleasant places to visit in Delhi with revan self drive car. Are you a historical fan or party animal, art fans or nature lovers, you will find something for everyone! The capital is rooted in noble past while the current atmosphere is sophisticated and trendy that can be obtained. Dotts with fortresses, graves, places of worship, and iconic structures, Delhi offers unlimited possibilities to explore in city limits. The best part is, many of these landmarks allow free entries and can be easily achieved with various modes of transportation. You will also be interested in contrast between Old Delhi and New Delhi, both of which are interesting in different ways. We have compiled a list of several attractions that must be visited in the city, which is the following

Humayun Tomb, Delhi

This landmark in Delhi was not only known for its magnificent architecture combining the influence of Mughal and Persia, but also famous for the first park tomb in the Indian continental child. Emperor’s tomb of Mughal Humayun sat in the middle of a large and large Mughal park which became increasingly beautiful during the winter months. Thanks to its beautiful design and famous history, the Humayun tomb also managed to reach the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. If you take advantage of the drive car itself nearby Delhi-NCR, this is definitely a feature in your bucket list.

 Qutub Minar, Delhi

The highest individual tower in the world with a height of 234 feet, Qutub Minar is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in Mehrauli, this monument will keep you stunned with a beautiful architecture and clean carving. The Qutub complex also organizes many other ancient structures including iron pillars and Alai Darwaza. Delhiit has this place as one of their favorite picnic sites while tourists crush the area during a luxurious Qutub Festival. The construction of the tower began again in 1192 with no other than Qutub-Ud-din-aibak. He is the founder of the Delhi Sultanate. The structure was finally resolved by various rulers for centuries.

Red Fortress, Delhi

This is a historic fortress that enjoys a strategic location in the city center. Historically, the red fortress is the main residence of the Mughal Dynasty Emperor. Built by Shah Jahan in 1939, it came from his name from red sandstone walls that could not be shot. You will be fascinated by various museums in buildings that have a variety of artifacts on display. It became the World Heritage Site UNESCO in 2007 and was preserved by an Indian archaeological survey. Tourists visit this monument all year long, fascinated by history and her inheritance. In fact, if you want to explore the place to visit near Delhi-NCR within 100 km by road, you can take your choice of a number of choices.

Indian gate, Delhi

Also known as the commemoration of the Indian War, India Gate is located along Rajpath. The impressive structure has similarities with Arch de Triomphe in France and Arch de Constantine in Rome. The Republican Day Parade is held here every year. Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, this 42-meter-high historical structure was dedicated to 82,000 Indian and English troops who died during the first World War and the third Anglo-Afghan war. It was in 1921 when the first foundation stone was placed, while the final structure was launched in 1931 by Lord Viceroy who later in India Irwin.

 Connaught Place, Delhi

Exceptional commercial and financial centers, Connaught Place accommodates a large number of international chain shops, restaurants, bars, and what is not! Always busy with people, this area attracts tourists and local crowds, thanks to lively nightlife, contemporary art galleries, antique theater, shopping centers, and so on. Considered between the upper hand inheritance buildings, Connyg

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