An overview of list building – Why and How


List building is an integral component of any online business. Your list is essentially your contact base. The problem with websites is that visitors come and go. Hence, they will easily forget about your website and all the good content that you provide.

One way to tackle this is to “capture” your reader’s contact information in the form of name and email. This is also known as List building. Your subscribers contact information is collected through an email auto responder. You can get one of these from services such as and These services allow you to build Opt in forms to collect subscriber information.

You can collect subscriber information by offering readers “bribes” of interest, usually in a form of an e-book or email course. This bribe will ultimately depend on what niche you are in. For example, if you are selling dog training products, a free gift to collect subscribers would be an e-book teaching 7 dog training tips for dog toilet training.

Once you have gotten the code for your opt in box, you’ll have to set up your opt in page. This is also known as landing page or squeeze page. This page typically consists of a headline, subheadline, benefits, image of your free gift and an opt in box.

Once you’ve got all these components set up, the final task would be to draw tons of traffic to your landing page. You could either use free traffic methods such as article submission or advertise on Google or Facebook. Once you’ve started building a huge list, you can provide valuable content of interest and eventually monetize from your list.
The key to getting subscribers fast is drawing tons of traffic and testing and tweaking your landing page. Also, content is really important if you wish to make profits from your list.

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