Anger: How Does It Affect Your Health

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There are a few studies that highlighted the adverse effects of anger. Poorly managed anger could cause various health problems and affect the person in the long run.
Anger was link to depression as a study found out that studied the anger problems in husbands and wives. Wives are more likely to associate anger with depression symptoms while husbands tend to associate anger with health problems.
In another study, it was found that anger can cause wound to heal slower than normal. Those who had poor control over anger have slower healing process. Besides that, they were also found to have more cortisol which is a stress hormone in their system suggesting that they are more stressed out in difficult situations compared to normal people.
Harvard School of Public Health has done a study on hostility in men and found that those that express hostile feelings have breathing problems in a parallel way. They could experience a decline in pulmonary function as they age.
Children and adolescents that have poor anger management control were shown to have increase risk of personal relationship problems. Poor anger management will negatively influenced their mental and general health.
It is important to take steps to learn how to effectively managed anger as anger can present in many aspects of life along with stress.

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