Do’s And Don’t’s: The Best Way To Manage Anger


Anger is experienced by everybody. However, different people handle anger differently. Anger can be an indicator that there is something wrong and things needed be changed. It can be a good self-motivator managed in healthy ways. However, anger can also caused health and relationship problems. Many did not know how to deal with anger as anger is a powerful and potentially destructive feeling. With proper examination and management technique, anger can be used to influence your health, relationships and overall happiness in a positive way.
It is utmost importance to understand the root cause of your anger. It could be due to stress, sleep deprivation, food deprivation and others that makes people generally irritable. However, try to identify the specific reason for anger. This can be done by keeping an anger journal to record what reason for your anger for a few weeks. Then it is possible to discuss the issue with a good friend or see a therapist to uncover any source of anger if matters could not be solved on your own. Once you are more aware of the cause of your anger, steps can be taken to deal with it.
After understanding your anger, it is important to express your anger in a constructive way. Research has shown that writing about anger and expressing it in a constructive way helps in reducing the negative mood and pain associated. By writing it down the feelings that has been bothering you and working through them on paper, you are actively doing something with your anger instead of letting the anger fester inside you and making you feel bad
It is not good to obsess about anger as it is one of the biggest don’t in dealing with anger. Research have shown that people who tend to obsess about anger that is in the past tend to experience higher blood pressure resulting in greater risk of organ damage and associated health problems.
It is also important to remember that over-discussing anger could backfire. By discussing anger with a trusted friend can help to plan an effective strategy in countering it. However, by repeatedly talking about the topics that angered you with your friends can make both felt worst and increased stress hormones in blood. People tend to complain especially women who tend to obsess with complaining which turn into a downward spiral of negative emotions. So it is better to change the topic before it gets that far.
However, if you wanted to talk more about what makes you angry, it is better to seek professional help as therapists have more effective ideas on dealing with anger.

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