Fighting Loneliness


To overcome loneliness, we must first understand what loneliness means. If you look up the word ‘loneliness’ in a dictionary, it will tell you that loneliness is a state of being solitary, without companionship. And for some people, the state of solitude is desperately feared and to be avoided at all cost. The demands of modern life and the advent of modern technology have caused us to be lonelier than ever. Take these steps to fight back loneliness and allow for a healthier, happier lifestyle.
Do Not Isolate Yourself
Do not allow yourself to wallow in loneliness and get out of your house when you can. Go outside, get some fresh air, go to the mall, the park or even just the grocery store. Make an effort to speak to at least someone, even if it’s only a sales assistant.
Get A Pet
Animals make wonderful companions; they love unconditionally and they listen when you want to talk to about your problems. Walking a dog can be great way of meeting other people, and having a cat purring on your pillow when you get home can certainly make you feel loved.
Get Physical
If loneliness is sucking at your energy levels, fight back by getting some exercise. Jogging or swimming can clear your head and boost your energy levels. Group exercise programs at parks, senior citizen centers, community centers, schools etc. are also an excellent way to meet new people. Having an organized exercise program or exercise buddies gives you something to look forward to and being physically fit helps relieve feeling of depression.
Develop Your Mind
If you’ve always wanted to take up a new language or a subject that you’ve never been able to study before, now is a good time. Taking a college class, joining a book club or learning to cook Italian cuisine can help you to connect to others. Keeping your mind occupied will prevent you from constantly thinking about how alone you are, and by discussing subjects with others you will help them feel less lonely as well.
Do not isolate yourself, loneliness can only be overcome if you make the effort to reach out and make that human connection with others.

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