Gambling: Is it really worth it?


Although the vast majority of people have no problem controlling gambling, however there are people who are gambling away every single thing they own. They are gambling away their unemployment money, their welfare money and their pension money.

Since it was legalized, the gambling industry has exploded. The expanding gaming industries however are outweighed by the huge societal costs of bankruptcies, suicides and social problems.

In addition, with the convenience of internet, now online gambling is readily available in the comforts of your home. Most people would justify it by saying, I am not going to casino to gamble, I am just playing a little on the Internet and it is not the same thing. A compulsive gambler on the Internet is the exact same thing as a compulsive gambler in a casino.

For compulsive gamblers, they tend to isolate or withdraw themselves from their families. They ignore their role as a father or mother and furthermore are straining their loving ties with their children. As they dip into their family funds to feed their addiction, they are actually taking away their kids chances at having a better future, or going to a college. This would strain family ties with the children. The children may grow up two ways. Either emulating their parent’s example or grow up hating their parents for denying them the chance of going to a good college. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Gambling also increases homelessness because they tend to gamble away their savings. They would have to sell their house to pay off their debts. This may lead to the compulsive gamblers committing suicide.

Ultimately, a gambling addict has to be made to understand that nothing good can ever come out of gambling. They don’t need to fall so low in their live for them to realize that they need to stop this. So if you know someone who is a compulsive gambler, it is time to be concerned about them.

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