Growing Leaders or Leader – Followers


What makes one leader draw leaders and another followers?
Some leaders attract others who want to not only do what their coach is doing, but more. Others become leader-followers. These leader-followers find a leader and then never develop to the full potential within them. They listen to their coach, attend every call, follow every step and remain average, following rather than becoming their own leader.
How does this happen?
Team members follow in the steps of their leaders.
If you have a leader that is passionate, leading the charge to change, breaking the path and staying steadfast and true to their dream and vision, you will see other leaders emerging from this team to do the same.
What about those leader-followers? They too follow their leader and do what is modelled for them.
So what type of leader are you growing: Leaders or Leader-followers?
Sure, you will grow a team, you will earn money, and find fulfilment in your achievements but will you see the passion and ignite the fire for your team members? Not until you live the passion and ignite your own fire.
You must live it before others will see it and want what you have!
You must lead the change and become a leader with passion, confidence and a belief in yourself, a leader with a self-sacrificing spirit.
Recognizing this is the first step, making the change for yourself and your team takes time, patience and determination.
Here is how you can begin to grow leaders rather than leader-followers.
1. Grow yourself. Read a book a week or listen to an audio a day.
2. Be organized, consistent and follow through.
3. Be vulnerable. No weepy, lay-it-all-out, but share your challenges, your insights and your celebrations! Be real!
4. Love yourself, then others!
5. Model confidence and success, whether you feel like it or not. Take the feelings out of your daily conversations. Act yourself into a new attitude.
6. Keep a telescope on your goals and your vision for your business. Narrow your goals down to the very core and then eat, sleep and touch those goals every day! What is at the heart of what you do? What is your heart’s desire? Go after it with everything within you! Climb the mountain for the reward at the top is Life!
Through this journey you will not only change yourself but you are giving a gift to your team, to your leader-followers. You are giving them the gift to see that they can do so much more, be more, live more, and love more!

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