Home Business Success Stories


Want to be a successful home business entrepreneur but don’t know how? One of the easiest ways is by modelling other people’s success stories. There are many entrepreneurs who are willingly sharing how they start up and develop their home business on the internet.
Sam, a 21-year-old undergraduate from the United States started his own company from his dorm offering advertisement-free electronic invitation cards for formal events. Read Sam’s story here. http://www.womenhomebusiness.com/startup/sam-franklin-going-green-with-an-electronic-invitation-business.htm
Kate and Tamala were working in hospital as occupational therapists before they started their own home business providing occupational therapy to needy clients at their homes. Read their stories here http://www.homebasedbusiness.sbdc.com.au/10_01_casestudies.asp
Andrea, a former online inventory manager, started off her Take My Mac service to help Apple device owners to sell and recycle their gadgets, instead of throwing them into the bins. Read Andrea’s story here http://www.womenhomebusiness.com/startup/andrea-bebirian-recycle-and-sell-apple-devices.htm
Some common things among these successful home business entrepreneurs above are:
1. They worked on something they are passionate about.
Sam’s idea of an electronic invitation cards is in line with his belief in going green and saving the trees. Both Kate and Tamala have 25 years of experience working as occupational therapists in hospital offered their services to the community through their home business. Andrea wished to provide a solution for Apple devices owners to get rid of their old gadgets while helping the needy (e.g. schools, etc) to have their own Apple devices.
2. They worked on a niche market.
Sam’s advertisement-free electronic card received good response because most e-Cards come with many advertisements which are sometimes unwelcoming. Kate and Tamala saw the demand for occupational therapies at a community level and hence decided to quit their jobs at hospitals. Meanwhile Andrea’s Take My Mac made it easier for Apple gadget owners to sell their devices as more and more people are using the Apple devices.
3. Things were never easy at the beginning.
All of them have their own shares of challenges and difficulties when they first started their business. However with preserverence and hardwork, their efforts have born fruits.

Plenty of such success stories are available on the internet to serve as a source of inspiration for all aspiring home business entrepreneurs. Learning from their successes and failures will definitely help in building up a successful home business!

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