How to Influence People by Finding out What people Need


You will never to be able to control people, but you will be able to let people control themselves in ways that benefit you. If you tell people what to do, they may not listen to you and will probably resent you. You must get people to do what they want to do, while you influence their control over themselves. This report will show you how to do that.
There are two ways to get people to do what you want. The first, behaviour modification, allows you to change a person’s undesirable behaviours using positive reinforcement. The second method of influencing is reality modification, and we’ll concentrate most of our attention on this. This influencing technique is successful because of the way in which your requests are presented. In this report, I will show you how to get anything. The secret to getting what you want is the way you go about getting it.
Know what people need
There are three main goals people subconsciously seek. They are:
1. Symbolic rewards 2. Material gains 3. Security
Symbolic rewards
We all have the need for symbolic rewards, such as recognition and praise. Everybody wants to feel important and special. The act of praising and recognizing another is a strong motivator. Always reward good deeds with praise, and give positive, constructive criticism for bad deeds. If you are patient, in time you will see the results of your compliments.
Material rewards
Material rewards mean a lot to people, whether they realize it or not. In any capitalist society, a person’s status is judged by his material gains. Therefore, since money produces material gain, it is a strong motivator, and its presence can have a strong influence on others.
Everyone needs security and stability. Security is attained when people feel they belong and are needed by others. People want security in their jobs, friends, family, etc. There are many ways to increase other people’s feelings of security:
a) Let people know what you have to offer and what you expect from them in return. Tell them why the relationship you have with them is the way it is.
b) Make people feel that they are needed and belong in the relationship with you. Show a need for their presence.
c) Let others know what their efforts are accomplishing and how they are affecting you. Make them feel important and special to you. Show them that their efforts are appreciated.
d) Make sure that parties in the relationship are compatible
Emphasize comfort
Make sure people are comfortable in their relationships with you. If they are not, find out why and do something about it.

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