How To Manage Anxiety In 7 Easy Steps


It is common to hear people said they are nervous or scare before an important task. What they are feeling is anxiety. However, anxiety is much easier to manage than some people realize. There are ways to help cope with anxiety and below is a list of 7 easy steps:
List it. Use a notepad and note down the things you are feeling anxious about. After putting down on paper, evaluate the things. After evaluation, you might come to the decision that it might not be so bad at all and you might be able to handle it.
Prioritize. Are you trying to take on too much because you could not say no? Now this is the time why you should say no when you feel that you are taking too much. This is because your body is fatigued and not able to perform its best. So learn to take a certain number of tasks at one time and manage your time better.
Staying positive. Repeat after yourself when you encounter anxious situation. A simple “you can do it” works wonders. This helps to boost confidence and relieved yourself from worst case scenario.
Breath. Being stress or anxious will tensed up your body. Indirectly it also affects breathing. Controlled your breathing and make sure that you inhaled deeply instead of shallow breathing. Your mind will clear due to extra oxygen and you will be clearer of the way forward.
Do some light exercises. Moving about instead of being stagnant in one place will help improve blood circulation and keep your mind clear. Try stretching or a simple aerobic exercise to get your heart pumping.
Anxiety time. Some people will give themselves ten minutes to be anxious and then they will jump straight into work or study. This method actually works because you are letting off the steam. Once the anxiety is out of the system, the mind is able to focus on to the task.
Relax. Take a break through some relaxing techniques such as meditation. Choose a simple meditation method that will tide you over whenever in great stress or anxiety. This will help put your mind at ease.

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