How to read body language


Look all around you, the people around you may be verbally communicating with you but are you noticing the non-verbal signals that they are sending out? You should! Reading the body language is a very useful social skill. So here are a few tips for you to learn on how to read body language.

Gauge their distance
You need to pay attention to how close someone is standing to you. The closer they are standing, the more intimate they think of you. The farther they stand away, the less they care of you or the situation. Remember that everyone has their own personal space too. If you move forward towards them, do they take a step back? If they do, don’t go further. You don’t want to come across as pushy.

Look into their eyes
People who are unable to maintain eye contact are more likely to come across as being untrustworthy. If they tend to look to their sides a lot, they may be nervous or distracted. There might be some people who have their eyes always fixed on the floor. This may be because they are shy or timid. So be gentle and kind with them and you will be received more kindly by them. Notice too if their pupils are dilated. Dilated pupils usually indicate a sign of interest. However, remember that after a few alcoholic drinks, the pupils may get dilated too. So don’t get the wrong idea there!

Their arms
People with crossed arms are usually cold and not receptive to your presence. Although to some it me just a habit, it may also indicate that the person is slightly reserved. If they have their arms at the side of their body or behind their back, this indicates that the person is warm and open to new things.

Mirroring your moves.
If a person mirrors your moves, this may be a genuine sign that they are interested in you. Try changing your position to see whether they imitate you too. If they do, it’s a positive signal!

So try all these little tips today and be on your way to social success!

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