How to stop wasting time


Are you one of those people who are always wasting time? You are doing something else when you should be getting your work done? Everybody has a procrastination habit that they don’t want to admit to. So how are you going to kick this habit? Here are a few steps how.

Identify what you waste your time on.
Are you one of those people who waste their time on watching television or surfing the Internet when you should be getting your work done? List down those time wasters? It could also be lining up in a queue in the post office to get stamps. So list it all down.

Find solutions
Now that you know your time wasters, list down the solutions you can take to stop wasting time. It could be taking out the television plug, so that you can’t switch on the television. It could also be doing online banking instead of lining up to pay your electricity and water bills.

Plan your day
Have a checklist of what you have to do for that day. Try putting your checklist in order too. Say like you have to go to the store in the morning, put it as number 1. Number 2 could be clean the house. Make your check list as practical as possible. If you do have a checklist and you did not plan in what order you should be doing, you will most probably only be able to complete half of your checklist.

Plan your week.
After you are done planning your checklist by the day, you can now move on to a checklist for the week. Give a timeline to the things you have to do for that week. This way, it allows you to get more work done at a consistent pace and you will also be able to find some time in between to relax.

Multi task!
Multi tasking is how you could use your time more efficiently. You could go through your bills while watching your favourite show or you could do your online banking whilst having your breakfast in the morning. So multitask!

Most importantly, remember to make every second count! So start today! Remember, time waits for no man!

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