What is the first you think in your life, you love  being to travel and your thinking for vacation here is the places in Karnataka Coorg, Mysore, Bijapura and Hampi etc but what if you have already explored them all and you are seeking for something new that’s great, , I am just explaining one of place. here is the place Chitradurga. Why not we visit to it, Visiting a place can give a different experience to a different place.

A beautiful charm of Chitradurga is a fort it’s one of best Karnataka tourists place never miss a chance to visit.

CHITRADURGA FORT  tourist places in karnataka 

Distance from bus stand to fort is 1.3 KM

Fort is also known as stone fort because its ramparts being made of big and heavy blocks of stones and it has several walls and multiple entrances and it is one of landmark in Karnataka and it is less known to India.

 Know before you visit- There are notes to follow visitors should aware that the fort is not wheelchair accessible and the tickets must be bought in the front gates and have entrance fees are starts 5 rs for Indian citizens and 100 rs for foreign nations. And will be giving other 3 places information around Chitradurga.


 It is  one of famous place in Chitradurga and it is located outskirts of the city and it is a garden with lake and the lake is big and it is surrounded by 3 hills and swimming is probhited in lake have 5 different lingas  knows Panchalingeshwar  and them with different names.

On further investigation found many entrances had a path leading downwards it was completely dark there were no chances going inside any source of light.


Your trip will incomplete if you haven’t visited any temple sighting list of visiting places in chitradurga adu malleshwara temple and this temple located at 4 km distance frpm the fort and it cave temple lord shiva.


It is the place  must be added to your list of places to see in Chitradura and it is located near heriyur taluk and this dam is also known as Mari Kanive is a dam and it build by Mysore Maharajas pre-independence across the river Vedavathi.

tourist places in karnataka
tourist places in karnataka


It is about 160km from the bangalore. So u can go by your bike or car. You need to go via NH4. The road journey quite good and its cool.

The dam has architecture well and it looks lik MAP of india you will feel great by seeing beauty of the dam, it’s amazing place to be vsit and really peaceful place

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