Multivitamins may do more damage than kindness!


Vitamins and minerals are very much needed by the body for optimal performance. These vitamins and minerals are consumed every day from various food sources that we consume. But a healthy diet cannot be accessed by everyone every day and this means there may be a short supply of the elements needed. The lack of supply of nutrition can be stabilized using multivitamins.

Multivitamins are the most commonly used supplements. However, lately, they may have been used inappropriately. Vitamins are integrated into each bottle of drink, but pills are excessive consumed. These actions can be traced to Bogus promising medication packages and health gossip, and confidence by users. Believe and these promises can include; Multivitamins can function as a substitute for a good diet, can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, can improve hair, nail growth, treat skin problems, etc. Therefore, as much as possible, many people make all medical recommendations. In this article, we share all you need to know about your daily multivitamin consumption including the benefits, and the possibility of side effects from excessive consumption.

What is multivitamin?

Multivitamins means a lot of vitamins; They are a combination of various nutritional elements intended to increase the supply of vitamins and minerals that are inadequate from the food you consume. Multivitamins are taken to ensure you have the necessary nutritional value every day for optimal health

This multivitamin is produced in various forms for easy consumption including capsules, tablets, gum, liquids, and chewing powder. Each multivitamin regardless of its forms equipped with suggested doses and guidelines that must be carefully followed. They are usually available in local shops and sold over-the-counter

What contains multivitamin supplements?

Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) has no measure of law regulations for food supplements, as much as done for prescription drugs. Therefore, multivitamins may contain

Various vitamins

Macrominerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus Fatty acids, Herbs, Amino acids

Why do you need multivitamins?

Your daily vitamin and mineral intake requirements can be obtained from the food source you eat. However, for some reason, this intake of food sources may be inadequate, resulting in the need for multivitamin supplements. You might need additional multivitamin supplements if

1. You are in a weight loss diet.

2. You are a gluten-free diet. This means you might need to consume more vegetables, fruits, and also multivitamin supplements to replace the necessary nutrients.

3. You are obese and overweight. Being overweight can expose you with the risk of vitamin deficiency.

4. You drink alcohol excessively. Then most of your food calories may come from alcohol rather than food, and this can cause vitamin deficiency (4).

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