panipuri recipe

Pani Puri Recipe

Be whatever season, Pani Puri never fails to attract us. This snack name brings water to our mouth. Panipuri is crispy full of potatoes, chana and sweet & sharp water is something that provides the main comfort to anyone. If you have craved this lip snack recipe lately and want to make it yourself at home, here is the easiest way to do it.

Many people wonder how to make the style of Atta & Sooji Pany Puri or Gappa’s goal at home. If this is already in your mind, this easy Puri Puri recipe will change many things. To make it simple for you, here is the Pani Puri recipe with photos and step-by-step instructions. The perfect balance of Crisp and Tang, this Super Easy Puri Pany Recipe will be your favorite. Puss Puri or Gulabedappa is probably the most delicious Indian street food that you can try at home. They are the best favorites throughout India and have many versions. But can you make a Gappe Goal style street at home? Because it consumes it outside is actually quite risky. First, we are not sure of the water used – whether it is filtered or not, it has some unooked and cold materials such as boiled potatoes and peas that can quickly develop bacteria. Therefore it is important to have Pari Puri or Golgappa from trusted vendors. But it’s the best idea is to make a recipe for Puri at home. Make Pani Puri or Gappa Goal is very simple if you have the right recipe. The following is a step-by-step Golgappa recipe to guide you through making this delicious street food!

Ingredients for Pani Puri

• 1 cup of semolina
• Water as needed
• cumin powder 3 teaspoons
• 5 green chili
• 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
• processed oil as needed
• Black salt as needed
• 4 tablespoons of broken jaggery
• 1 cup of boiled chicken peas
• Tamrind Chutney as needed

1 cup of acid paste
• 3 teaspoons of roasted cumin powder
• 1 cup of coriander leaves
• 1 cup of wheat flour
• Salt as needed
• 1 1/2 cup of mint leaves
• 3 tablespoons of boondi
• 4 boiled potatoes, mashed
• Green Chutney as needed
• Black pepper as needed

Step 1 knead dough

To make this easy castle pussy recipe at home, take a bowl and add semolina, wheat flour, baking soda along with a little salt and water as needed and preparing a stiff dough. Adding Semolina will make a crisp purse. Then, cover with a muslin cloth, let the remaining for about half an hour.

Step 2 Puris Launcher

After half an hour, knead flour again and roll some small balls from the dough prepared. Next, place the ball on a flat surface and with the help of wheat flour, smooth it and make it thin enough to give them a very small round purse appearance. You can alternately launch large castle and cut small discs with round cookie cutter or small bowls.

Step 3 Fried Puris

Now, put the pan on medium flame and pour processed oil. After the oil is hot enough, fried a round-shaped puris prepared. Fry 3-4 at a time while making sure each gust is fine. Also, save the media flame because excess heat can burn purist.

Step 4 this fried puris cool

After being cooked properly, immediately take it out and place it on paper to get rid of extra oil. Let them cool and set aside. Your next step is to prepare Pani for Puris

Step 5 Preparing Pani

So, first of all, take a blender, place green chili, coriander along with mint leaves and blend until smooth. After finishing, transfer chili-mint pasta to the jug and stir the acid paste, 4 cups of water, boondi, black salt, broken jaggery, roasted and raw cumin seeds. Mix mix thoroughly.

Step 6 filter to remove dirt

Then, create a pan in prepared through a filter to remove coarse particles. When finished, put it in the fridge to relax. Now all that remains is preparing fillings for puris. For this reason, take a bowl and combine mashed potatoes along with beans. Add the salt and pepper according to your taste.

Step 7 Serve Pani Puri with Chickpeas, Tamarind Chutney and Fresh Pani

Finally, take Puris and make small holes each using your thumb. Mixed items of bean potatoes in the same portion. Add green and tamarind chutney layers in it and serve with Mint Pani cold. Enjoy this street food recipe with your most loved ones.

1. To make a super crispy purse for Pani Puri or Gappa’s goal, you can squeeze the mixture with a cold club soda. It not only makes them swell easily, but also better.
2. You can rest the mixture around 1-2 hours, but make sure you cover it with a moist muslin cloth. If it was revealed, the air might make the dough dry out.
3. To make a perfect purse, you can rotate the part of the dough which is nice and thin, and then use cookie cutter, cut into a small and fried purse.
4. You can save a puris with an airtight container for about 10-15 minutes, so you can fry it in a big batch for later use.
5. Also, make sure you knead the dough that is very hard to make your purish. If it’s not the right consistency, your purish may not swell.

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