Relaxing Ideas For Ridding Anxiety From Any Situation


People in anxiety mode and nervous tension are normally inundated with negative thoughts, feelings and fantasies that trigger feelings of upset. There are techniques to help relax and curb the anxious feelings. Below are relaxing ideas to rid anxiety from any situations.
Sitting quietly and engaging in a simple repetitive activity will be able to calm yourself down. Empty your mind to give yourself a rest. Focus on a small object or a personal object you like. It could be a daisy or a jewelry you like. Focus your attention towards it and inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for one or two minutes. Imagine its details in your mind. Do not let your mind be distracted by other thoughts and feelings. If your mind is distracted, return your attention to the object. At the end, you might be able to feel more peaceful or calmer.
Choose a quiet corner and sit or lie in a comfortable position. If there is any zen music, you can listen to it as well. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your breathing to slow down and relax your body. Focus on your breathing. Feel your chest and abdomen moving in and out. Do not let your mind wander. If it wanders, then bring it back to your breathing. You can try to say ‘peace’ to yourself when you inhale and say ‘calm’ when you exhale. Repeat these words as you breathe in and out to help you concentrate. This will help you relax.
You can also try to imagine yourself as a strong oak tree. Sitting in a comfortable position with your arms resting by your sides and then close your eyes and breathe deeply. You are a strong oak tree. Imagine your body is a solid, wide, brown, trunk of tree. The roots are coming out from your legs and penetrating the earth, anchoring you strongly. You are strong and solid and able to withstand any winds of stress. It will help you feel more confident and relax after doing this.

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