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Social bookmarking sites are a website on the internet where users can share various web pages, blog posts, videos, pictures and articles.
This is a great way for users to manage, organize, search, and save many web pages and useful blogs they meet, and that they want to share with others or maybe review them.
Because these sites are web-based services, users can access bookmarks online from any device and anytime.
This website finds content based on user interests and foods according to personalized, and this allows users with the same interest to connect, and view the website they like and share useful articles.

So, let's quickly understand what and how it works.

What is a social bookmark?

Let’s share the term social bookmark +. This means bookmark your website on the social platform because they have large visitor traffic. Social platform: where most users visit and interact with each other.

Bookmark: Save the link to your website (URL of your website) on the bookmark platform to produce quality backlinks and traffic.

Therefore, in SEO, this is an online shipping activity that comes under SEO outside the page where each registered user can share a web bookmark.

The importance of sharing social

Social bookmarking has, increasing the perspective of search engine rankings for your website and blog by allowing you to optimize bookmarks for your content and share it with people.

Here are some points that can be seen as the importance of

Increased traffic to Website: Social Bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to attract the right demographics from users to your website.

Make social bookmarks make it easy for users and audiences to find your website when they search for certain topics that you might create content.

Profitability: If your blog or website is intended for your income, increasing traffic means increasing your cash flow.

If you have a website that sells commodities or blogs that give you royalties, more audiences visit your blog will be important to you, and social bookmarks will be able to help in this matter.

Popularity: Social Bookmarking is done by humans, which means that bots cannot use this technique.

Therefore, it means that all social bookmarks will be organic, and it will be easier for your site / blog to look more people online, increase your popularity.

How do I do

There are so many tips that you have to remember when bookmarking web pages. Some of them are as:
1. Select the appropriate category.
2. Add appropriate and limited tags.
3. Follow the guidelines for social bookmarking sites.
4. Explain your webpage correctly.
5. Don’t bookmark one URL many times.
To do social bookmarking, first, you need to collect some of your website data.
For example: title, description of your site, keywords, tags, social media links, video links if you have a picture of your business.
All this kind of information you have to need when doing social bookmarks.
So here I will tell you how you can do social bookmarks correctly to your website. Let’s follow a few steps that I will share below.

1. Select the URL from your website that you want to promote.

2. The URL must have keywords associated with it, write a funny description related to that keyword.

3. Open a bookmark website like Diggo, Reddit.

4. Enter or register on the website (if promoted).

5. Click on Send the link.

6. Enter the required information.

7. Click Send.

8. Copy the resulting URL and glue it into the Excel sheet

List of High DA

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High DA Social Bookmarking Sites

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