Strategies to raise self esteem


Self esteem comes from having a sense of belonging, believing that we are capable and knowing our contribution is valued and worthwhile. What happened to you as a child may have shaped the person you are today. So how are you going to shape your child’s self esteem for them to grow into healthy young adults? Here are a few strategies on how to raise your children’s self esteem.

Love them unconditionally.
When you love your child unconditionally, it means you are accepting your child for who they are. Accept all their talents and limitations. Give them hugs and don’t skimp on the kisses. When you have to reprimand them, use positive words and never use a negative adjective such as dumb, stupid or ugly. Remember how when you were a kid and somebody used that word on you? You felt hurt didn’t you? So don’t repeat that mistake again.

Be supportive
Remember to always encourage your child to try something new. It could be trying a different food, making new friends or even signing up for a new sport. Although your child may not be successful, tell them that if they don’t give it a try, they would never know how it feels and they would have already failed without trying. Tell them that they can do it!

Don’t worry about the mistakes.
When they are trying something new, there is a risk that they might make mistakes. However the most important thing is whether they admit their mistakes and learn something from their mistakes. When they have a mistake, tell them that it is better to admit it and to try to take a lesson from that mistake. This makes it easier for your child to accept their shortcomings.

Resist comparisons
Don’t compare your child to other kids. This will only make your child’s self esteem go lower as they try harder to fulfil your expectation. Let your child know that you appreciate them for the unique individual that they are. Your child is more likely to value their uniqueness once you start doing that.

In conclusion, you are the person who will determine your child’s self esteem. So do your best and try out all these steps. The results will surely be worthwhile!

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