The importance of body language


No man is an island. How true is that saying? Human beings are made to form relationships with others. We are social beings. There are many ways a human being could communicate with each other. There is verbal and written communication. Another way of communication but we often don’t realized it is non-verbal communication otherwise known as body language. What your body does says a lot about what you are feeling and the person you are. So why is body language so important? Here are a few reasons why.

Sometimes words are inadequate to express how you feel. For example, when expressing your sympathy for a death of a friend, words may not be enough to describe the way you feel. That is why people give each other hugs at funerals. Sometimes even words may be inappropriate in situations such as this. So they give hugs and the person on the receiving end of the hug will be able to understand the intention and what does the hug actually mean.

Body language could also be used to express how you feel without you intentionally doing so. For example if you do not like a person, it would be difficult for you to say that directly to the person. However, your distaste may be mirrored intentionally or unintentionally in your body language. It may be you backing away when the person comes near to you or you folding your arms across your chest. This gives a signal that you are not interested in that person. Or if you do like that person, you could do it with a smile or the way you touch the person. This will give the person that you are interested in the signal that you are attracted to them.

Body language also defines the person you are. How we across to people is decided only by a small part of the words we speak. The larger part comes from how you carry yourself. If you walking straight up, with your head held high, it gives others a better impression of yourself. Walk into an interview like that and you are more likely to come out successful in landing that job.

In conclusion, body language plays such an important part in our everyday life so take note of the signals that you are giving out and get to know your own body language. Improving your own body language will be a better step towards creating a better and more awesome you.

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