The Power of Belief


Have you ever really thought about the power of belief? It is an amazing thing.
Take the placebo effect for example. The placebo effect is when people are split into groups and given ‘medicine’ to help with a disease or symptom of a disease. One group gets the real medicine and the other people get the placebo. Amazingly, some people who get the placebo react as if they got the real medicine, simply because they believed in the medicine.
The things that we believe in are very powerful, and by extension, the things that you believe in should be the kinds of things that set your life on the right path.
If you believe that you’re terrible with money, or you will have no willpower, or that you’ll never have a million dollars in your bank account…. chances are you are right. But conversely if you believe that you’re going to be successful, get out and stay out of debt and be in great financial shape … you will.
When a person believes wholeheartedly that he will succeed, he is able to do better than he knows. He becomes more relaxed and is able to focus his emotional energy on reaching for the probable rewards of success instead of focusing on the possibility of failure. Believing in yourself brings out the best in yourself and is essential for personal success.
Another thing to consider is that the size of our success is limited only by the size of our belief. Dreaming big is an important part of achieving success for anyone. Often people are scared to think big because they are scared, or they think they are undeserving or incapable of success. But remember this, big dreamers achieve big results. Allow yourself to achieve your full potential by believing that you can and will succeed.

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