Time management tips: Reduce stress, increase productivity


Are you one of these people who are unable to find enough time in the day to complete everything? You start being overwhelmed by the entire task that you have to do? Here are a few tips you can use to manage your time!

Plan each day
At the start of the week or if that is too ambitious, you can plan the night before, what do you need to do the next day. Remember to prioritize. Put your most important task at the top and those less important can take a back seat.

Take a look at your to-do list and consider what you can pass on to someone else. Say, if you need to buy some groceries for your household but your spouse works near a grocery store, delegate the task to him. After all it is on their way home.

Set a timeframe
Set a timeframe for you to complete each task. However don’t be overambitious. Take the time you need to do a quality job. Doing your work right the first time may take more time but it is better than doing a shoddy work the first time and trying to repair it again later.

Take note of how you spend your time
Keep a diary of everything you do for that week. Look at how you are spending time and could you have used that time any more efficiently. For example, if you have to read your emails in the morning, you could also load the laundry at the same time. Find out what you are wasting time on and try to cut down on it.

Establish routines and habits
Try having a schedule to follow. This will make yourself more efficient. For example, reading and answering email can take the whole day. So set a limit to one hour a day for you to do that and stick to it.

Limit distractions
Have a quiet place for you to do your work. In that place, close the door and turn off your phone so as nothing will disturb you during that period.

So try our time management tips. Once you’ve managed to plan your life out, you will find that you lead a more balanced and relaxed life.

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