Tips for Developing the Power of Belief


Believing in yourself is essential towards achieving personal success. Without self-belief, we tend to make poor decisions based on self-doubt and fear rather than what’s best for us. These decisions may lead to self-destructive behaviour such as working at a job you hate because you believe you can’t find a better job, staying in a bad relationship because you believe you don’t deserve a better one, and so on and so forth. If you do not believe whole-heartedly in yourself, you will not allow yourself to pursue success.

Visualise success, not failure. Whether at work or at home, train yourself to substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When put in a competitive situation, think “I’m equal to the best” not “I’m inferior to everyone else. Let the “I Will Succeed” mentality overwhelm al the negativity in your mind. Visualising success conditions your mind to create ways to produce success. Conversely, visualising failure does the exact opposite.
Be your own biggest cheerleader. Look at yourself in the mirror daily and remind yourself that you are better than you think you are. Success does not require super powers or super intellect. Nor is it based on pure luck. Successful people are just ordinary people who believe wholeheartedly in themselves and in what they do. Never short-change yourself.
Believe big. Dreaming big is an important part of achieving success for anyone. The size of our success is only limited by the size of our belief. Often people are scared to think big because they are scared, or they think they are incapable of or do not deserve success. But remember this, big dreamers, big thinkers achieve big results. Do not limit yourself.

Develop the power of belief in yourself by following the three simple tips presented above and watch your life grow in abundance and prosperity. Remember, you can only be as much as what you believe yourself to be.

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