Tips for Escaping Loneliness


Everyone experiences loneliness at certain points in their lives. One can feel lonely even while surrounded by other people, and the feeling can sometimes become overwhelming. If steps are not taken to alleviate this feeling of isolation, it can develop into depression. Here are four useful tips to help escape loneliness.
Learn to love your own company
Loneliness and helplessness often go hand in hand. When a spouse dies, or a relationship dissolves, we often have to relearn how to live independently. Learn to think for yourself with or without a partner in your life. Becoming self-sufficient will also help you develop self-esteem, which in turn helps to prevent loneliness.

Take up a new hobby.
Take some time to list down all the interests that you have. Perhaps there’s something that you’ve always wanted to take up, but just never had the time to do so? Almost all hobbyists like to talk to others about their interests, so if you take up a hobby, you are certain to find someone who shares your interests. Cultivating new friendships by sharing a hobby with others can help to relieve loneliness.

Join a group.
Sometimes people are lonely because they are shy or they are scared of rejection. Both ultimately lead to a fear of talking or connecting with other people. Joining a group of any kind can help relieve loneliness by building a sense of community with others. Check out local newspapers, online forums, the local library, etc. to find groups to join. As you share your interests and/or support other people, you will make new friends and lessen the feeling of isolation.

Volunteer for a cause.
You won’t have time to feel lonely if you are constantly helping others. It can be as simple as making an effort to listen to someone talk about their problems. If you have talent and skills in certain areas, you may also contribute your time to any number of charitable causes. Check out church groups, civic organizations, business clubs, , local newspapers and many others for volunteer opportunities.
Human beings are social creatures, and as such, creating a network of people with shared interests for yourself will help relieve that feeling of isolation.

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