Tips for starting your own giveaway event


A giveaway event can be a very rewarding way to build your list fast and network with other marketers in the same niche. Typically, you will need to do some initial planning before holding your giveaway event on a large scale.

The first step to holding a giveaway event is to brainstorm potential joint venture partners. Remember, a giveaway is only as successful as the number of power partners promoting the event, so choose your partners wisely.

Once you have determined which partners are going to help you promote your event, you will have to set up the giveaway event system. One of the commonly used programs for managing giveaway events is the Giveaway Manager. From there you can set up your giveaway website and facilitate other aspects of your giveaway.

Next, you’ll have to contact your partners a few weeks (months, preferably) in advanced to make sure that their calendar is not booked. You’ll also have to provide promo emails and marketing content to your partners as a gesture of good will.

Also, you’ll have to create avenues for people who wish to advertise on the front page of your giveaway event due to the sheer high volume of noise in the event. You can offer paid advertising (which is available through Giveaway Manager) for people who wish to put their offer as a special “Featured Offer”.

In summary, a giveaway event can help you and your partners build a huge list fast and create networking opportunities for all parties involved. The key to success is when everyone collectively promotes the event and brings lots of leads to the website so that everyone will benefit from the shared traffic. That way, there can be potential for further joint venture opportunities among the marketers.

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