Tips To Remaining Calm When Aggravated


Aggravations are caused by many things in our fast-paced life. It could be traffic jams, somebody cutting your queue, your colleagues overdue on their deadlines. Anger is a normal emotion but it is important to handle it positively.
These are the 8 tips to stay calm when aggravated:
1. Take a break! If you feel your temper started to rise above the surface, take a deep breath and slowly count to 10. However, it might be necessary to get away from aggravator until your anger subsides and then only you try to handle your situation.
2. Anger can be caused by frustrations. To express your frustrations, being angry will only worsen the situations. Be calm, clear your mind and express your frustration as assertive as possible without being confrontational and controlling.
3. Do some exercise. Exercising is a good way to release your steam if you feel that you have a lot of pent up anger inside yourself. Physical activity is able to stimulate your brain and body to release endorphins and make you feel happier and relax.
4. Always think before you speak. This is to avoid making the situation worst and allowed a few moments to collect your thoughts before bringing up any points.
5. Search for solutions instead of blaming others. Sometimes littlest things could make you angry but it is possible to resolve it instead of focusing on it.
6. Forgive the person in the wrong. Do not allow anger to control you until you hold a grudge against that person. Being able to forgive someone will bring out positive feelings within you and make you feel better.
7. Laugher is the best medicine. Try to ease the tension through laughter. It can help both sides to view things in a better light.
8. Try to relax. Practice relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga to help calm your mind and diffuse your anger.

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