There are not many spots on the planet as charming as Ladakh and its capital Leh. Its rocky scenes, dark blue lakes and grand street ventures have been attracting voyagers from one side of the planet to the other. Appealing excellence to the side, there are a lot of attractions to take in, from delightful cloisters and exquisite royal residences to interesting towns and high mountain passes. Need to know which of these stunning spots ought to be on your list of must-dos? Look at our carefully selected rundown of the best 10 spots to visit in Ladakh.


Sitting on top of a slope, Leh Palace is perhaps the best illustration of archaic Tibetan engineering. The royal residence is made of stones, wood, mud and sand and is frequently contrasted with the world-well known Potala Palace in Lhasa. The dividers of the royal residence give warmth in winters and make a cool feeling in summers.

The insides are embellished with crowns, formal dresses, gems and imaginative artistic creations. Some as old as 450 years and produced using tones got from powdered stones and jewels. Paintings scratched on the dividers portray wonder days of the past. On the off chance that that is not interesting enough, the royal residence gives terrific perspectives on the encompassing mountain range and the valley beneath. There’s no uncertainty why this makes it to our rundown of top 10 spots to visit in Ladakh


The Shanti Stupa is a white-domed landmark based on top of a precarious slope. Confronting snow-covered pinnacles, it was made by an intriguing mix of Japanese Buddhists alongside local people. It stamped and praised 2500 years of Buddhism and was additionally intended to be an image of harmony. The stupa holds a brilliant Buddha sculpture and pictures of his introduction to the world and demise.

Being at a vantage point, the stupa manages the cost of unadulterated perspectives on the valley beneath. Lit up around evening time, it secures its very own delight. In the event that you need to observe a mysterious dawn or nightfall, this is perhaps the best spot to visit in Ladakh.


While in transit to Leh, along the Srinagar-Leh expressway, lies the Sangam. It is a conjunction of two streams at Nimmu. Stunning to observe, here the emerald waters of the Indus converge with the caramel waters of Zanskar. It makes for a stupendous sight, particularly for nature darlings. It is one of the best 10 spots to visit in Ladakh on the off chance that you need to see a remarkable sight of regular miracle.


A curious town among Kargil and Leh. Lamayuru is known for its moon-like landscape, procuring it the epithet ‘Moonland’. In the event that that name itself isn’t sufficient to legitimize its put on our rundown of top 10 spots to visit in Ladakh, essentially read on.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that a lama named ‘Naropa’ strolled this land when it was lowered submerged. Upon his solicitation, the water subsided in this manner allowing him to set up the religious community which is currently the celebrated ‘Lamayuru Monastery’. Quite possibly the most wonderful cloisters in Ladakh, its insides are adorned with stunning works of art and frescoes. A cavern close to the supplication lobby has sculptures of Naropa and his pupils, one of the features of this altar.


Envision what it might feel want to be large and in charge. No, we are not discussing the difficult move to Everest. While in transit to Nubra Valley, a famous objective in Ladakh lies Khardung La pass – the world’s most elevated motorable street. It’s situated at an amazing elevation of 18,380 feet.

Stop here for some tea and appreciate the strange snow-shrouded scene around you. This is on the list of must-dos of each and every individual who goes to Ladakh. It nearly feels like you are at a colder time of year wonderland. This is on the grounds that everything around you from rocks to streets to mountains are hung in snow.


Probably the best involvement with Ladakh is lying on the desert and looking at 1,000,000 stars. You wouldn’t really accept that us, OK? All things considered, who hopes to discover a desert on the Himalayas? A large portion of you may not know that Ladakh is really a high elevation cold desert. It’s more than apparent at the very grand Nubra Valley.

Perhaps the most well known attractions in this valley is the town of Hunder. Consistently, this spot is amassed with a huge number of explorers, who come to observe sand hills folded over by brilliant earthy colored mountains.

The desert is likewise home to the twofold bumped Bactrian camel, an uncommon animal varieties discovered uniquely in this district of Ladakh. A ride on the backs of these strong creatures is unquestionably quite possibly the most important encounters to have.


Riding borders with Pakistan, Turtuk is the nearest town to the ‘line of control (LOC)’. Found so near the boundary, this is the lone town that travelers are allowed to visit. The scene here changes drastically with desolate badlands offering approach to rich greenery, with a plenitude of Apricot and Peach fields. Occupied by a Muslim populace, this curious town is one of the last towns in India to have a noticeable Balti culture. Attempt the delectable Balti cooking here, particularly the Apricot based stew.

With its quiet climate, beautiful vistas and the sea blue waters of waterway Shyok wandering through the town, Turtuk is more or less grand. It is certainly one of the top odd spots to visit in Ladakh, where you can absorb the magnificence undisturbed by vacationer swarms.


Ladakh is home to numerous high elevation lakes, yet none can coordinate with the greatness of Pangong Tso. Brought to spotlight by the film ‘3 Idiots’, it is presently the most famous objective in Ladakh.

Flanked by piles of tanish tones, strolling along the banks of the sky blue lake is much the same as living in a postcard picture. Its uniqueness however, lies with the changing shades of the lake as the day advances. Be prepared to whip out your cameras and catch this spiritualist wonder live. Around evening time, watch the sky covered by 1,000,000 stars as you camp close to the lake.


Hemis cloister is the biggest religious community in Ladakh. It’s broadly known for playing host to the famous Hemis celebration each June. Its impeccable engineering, quiet environmental factors and perspectives on adjoining mountains make it an absolute necessity visit on your Ladakh trip.

The religious community has perhaps the most uncommon assortment of Thangka artworks, wall paintings, Buddhist sacred writings and stupas made of gold and silver. Great compositions of Buddha cover the religious community dividers.

In the event that you end up visiting during celebration time, you can see covered artists performing, tune in to customary music, watch individuals walking around in bright clothing types and canyon on tasty neighborhood food.


Tso Moriri is Pangong’s change personality, comparable in its pale blue composition and surprising excellence. It is distantly found higher than the Pangong Lake. As needs be, visited by less vacationers, and in that lies its allure. With earthy mountains overshadowing it on one side and a lavish green wide open on the other, it resembles gazing at a live oil painting. Bird aficionados have another motivation to cheer as the lake pulls in various transitory birds, directly from seagulls, Brahmin ducks and geese, to the uncommon and tricky dark necked cranes.

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