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Top Tips to Make Money With Google AdSense


Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to run ads on the website, blog, or youtube videos and paid when visitors click it. Advertising is generated from a business that uses the Google AdWords program that you feed using a special adsense code to your blog or website.

For new websites or blogs, the Google AdSense program can be one of the fastest ways to generate income, which is the reason very popular.

Pros and cons make money with Google Adsense

The Google AdSense program has several big advantages including:

  • Free to join.
  • Easy feasibility requirements, which means you can monetize your website or blog even when it’s new.
  • There are various ad options and some you can adjust to fit your site’s display and nuances.
  • Google pays monthly with a direct deposit if you meet the threshold of $ 100.1
  • You can run ads on several websites from one AdSense account.
  • There is an option to run ads on cellular devices and RSS feeds.
  • You can easily add it to your blogger and YouTube account, though with YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 customers and 4,000 hours of watch time to run adsense on your video.

With that, there are some weaknesses for Adsense too:

  • Google can stop your account in an instant, and it doesn’t forgive too much if you break the rules.
  • Like all forms of online income, you need traffic to make money.
  • When people click on AdSense ads, you make money, but your visitors also leave your site, which means you lose the opportunity to make money with affiliate products that pay higher or your own products and services.
  • It does not always pay more than other similar advertising programs.

Adsense is a great monetization option, but it’s not a rich program to quickly or make money. Furthermore, Google has a rule that some bloggers seem to be left behind while reading service provisions. As a result, many website owners have found a difficult way that they have violated Google’s policies and lost their accounts forever.

Adsense ad type

Google offers various types of ads to run on your website, including:

  • Text: Text ads use words, either as ad units (one offer) or unit link (list of offers), and come in various sizes. You can adjust the color of the box, text and link.
  • Figure: Image ads are graph ads. They come in various sizes. You can choose the advertising feed option that mixes text and image ads.
  • Rich media: This is an interactive type of ad that can include HTML, Video, and Flash.
  • Video
  • animated images
  • AdSense for Search: This allows you to have a Google search box on your website or blog. When the user enters the term and do a search, the search results page opens with adsense ads. You can customize the color scheme search results page to be in harmony with your website.

Google Adsense Payments.

Google pays through a direct deposit or check every month your income reaches or exceeds $ 100. If you don’t get $ 100 in one month, your income is rolling and added to the following month. Every time you reach a $ 100 threshold, Google will issue a payment in the next payment period.1 Through your AdSense account, you can see your current income, what advertisements generate the most click, and other useful data.

Make money with adsense

Making a large amount of money with AdSense requires a plan. Here are tips for maximizing AdSense revenue:

  • Read and understand the Google’s rules: Webmasters must be comply with Google’s webmaster policies, as well as the AdSense program policy
  • Don’t  ever click on your own ads or ask others to click on them: Incentivizing clicks, buying Pay Per Click (PPC) space, or using a program designed to drive traffic to AdSense pages are against the rules. Remember, Google isn’t very forgiving about breaking the rules, so be sure to adhere to them.

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