Videos: Using Them As A High End Product


Selling e-books is a great way to make fast cash because of ease of delivery and transaction. The problem arises when there are too many e-books in a market and you just can’t make enough from selling e-books. So how do we come up with premium digital products that you can make more money from?

Enter videos: Using them as a high end product. Here are a few reasons why you should use videos instead of e-books as products. Now, videos usually have a higher perceived value than e-books because it costs more to create them (not necessarily) and because of that, you can place a higher value for the product.

On top of that, videos are also more preferred compared to books. Nobody loves to read chunks and chunks of information, but they can sit around and watch videos for hours. Videos incorporate audio and video elements which make the process much more enjoyable.

Plus, video content have the ability to go viral easily. With the emergence of video sharing sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe, sharing videos becomes a walk in a park and the more viral the content of your video, the potential for growing your business by leaps and bounds becomes higher.

Here’s another good trick, once you’ve sold an e-book to a customer, you can offer to upsell them a video version of the product or packaged them together and sell them at a higher price. Videos also make great backends (upsells and downsells) to existing products and can help you make extra bucks by riding on their “buying mode” emotions.

In short, the potential of video products as a high priced premium product is definitely there. Tap into it today less you leave out tons of money on the table.

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