Your Past and Present is the Key to Your Future


Knowing more about who you are will give you the insight for your future goals. Where are you going?
This isn’t about location…It’s about focus and achievement in your life. Pretty big stuff, but not so big you can’t get your hands around it and get down to the basics so you can achieve your life’s goals.
Did you accomplish what you set out to do last month? Or did you even have an idea of what you wanted to accomplish?
If not, did you play the blame game? Was it the economy again? Or the competition you face? Or did your boss change the rules again?
If you have read anything about goals, principled leadership or even goal setting from an achievement perspective you realize that every one of us allows something to get in the way. Its part of that negative, sceptical thought pattern engrained inside of us. You just naturally create barriers. But there is good news–Barriers are meant to be jumped over! Don’t despair – I like to remember that Thomas Edison often referred to the 10,000 possibilities that failed to make an electric light bulb. Failure is only the teacher for success. When you realize what they are you can move on to more success.
A way to do that is to focus on your past and your present, and use it to inform your future. First we’ll look at your past – All that great, terrible, wonderful, unique experiences in your life that makes you who you are. If you look back in your life I’ll bet you remember those pivotal experiences in life that were surprises not looked for as well as those experiences you wanted to happen and then found not as rewarding as you anticipated.
Disappointment is just as important a teacher as success and self-awareness. Any time you find out what gives you a sense of worth and value that experience is worth whatever it costs you.
About your present – Is it what you expected? Are you happy, fulfilled and motivated? Or are you blaming someone else for the failures in your life? Do you even know why you don’t feel fulfilled, motivated or happy or sad or upset? A lot of us are not even aware what causes these feelings.
The point is, never quit looking, asking questions, reading and studying. If you quit being curious about what is going around you when you left high school or college then you have missed most of what living is all about. Those two venues were only there to prepare you for a lifetime of discovery and adventure.
Success requires lots of diligent thinking, hard work and perseverance. If someone told you it would be easy, they told you a lie. If they told you it would be the greatest thing you ever lived, they told you the truth.
Your future is the jar full of dreams, possibility and glory. It is the stuff that drives anyone to achieve anything. Success is born out of a lot of practice, study, and focused effort over many years. These all program our minds to recognize those moments of serendipity and discovery for us. All this means having a central point of principle which drives us to measure all our actions in light of our central desires. It often means taking risk for our actions.
If you say at this point “you just don’t understand my situation. It just isn’t possible right now to…” You are afraid to risk what you have now in order to get what you really want in the future. You think it is more important to hold on to what you have now, than to reach for a life-time dream. You haven’t really assessed what you really have to have and what you can give up. You haven’t determined where your centre principles are and how you are going to change your own actions to realize that dream.
Combine the past, present and future into the image of what you want to become. Your brain was made wonderfully to allow you to grow into who you want to become. The sad fact is many of us grew into what someone told us to be and never listened to the still voice inside that said we “will become” the “can be.”
Now it’s up to you. Educate yourself about your interests, be your best—every time. Develop an inner discipline and find your central principles that drive you. Then you will have the dream you dreamed so long ago.

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